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Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

There are 101 sweet things to say to your boyfriend, or at least million Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend! here are just a few

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend:

(1) I miss your loving when you aren't with me.

(2) I love how you love me.

(3) You are my endless melody.

(4) How many stars did God steal from the sky when he made your eyes?

(5) You’re soo much better than any guy I ever met.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

(6) Oh, Rum Rum, I just love it when you call me Baby Cakes, my wittle Rum Rum

(7) You are my powerful, hot sunshine.

(8) Hey, Tiger Toes, where'd you get that sweet tone of yours?

(9) I'm lost, can you keep me?

(10) If you were cheese, I'd want to be your macaroni.

(11) Hey Pookey Schmooky, I love your Pookem Schmookems.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

(12) If I could wish for one thing on this planet, I would wish for your lips to touch mine, without a question, without a sound.

(13) You are my endless love.

(14) Pucker up, Pumpkin, because I want to be your Pumpkin Spice!

(15) I adore you, my little Runny Babbit!

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

(16) I love smelling the scent of you that lingers on my clothes after we part.

(17) Put your arms around me, because I want to be engulfed by your heat.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - 100 questions to ask your boyfriend

(18) I get goosebumps down my spine, everytime your arm wraps around mine.

(19)  When I close my eyes at night, you are all I see.

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Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - 100 questions to ask your boyfriend

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend - Sweet Boyfriend Books

The Girls' Guide to Guys: Straight Talk for Teens on Flirting, Dating, Breaking Up, Making Up & Finding True Love

The Girl's Guide to Guys

"This is a great guide for girls with unaswered questions about guys,It talks about breaking up,hooking up,rape,depression,first dates,crushes. It has it all you could think of.I read it so many times, I t really helps you through it. All u girls out there should buy it.It wont let you down!"

Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk

"Claire Keyes has spent her life in a stark, cold spotlight. Sent away as a small child to perform, at twenty-eight Claire is a piano prodigy that has become estranged from her family and has no friends. Forget having a boyfriend! When Claire's twin sister, Nicole, becomes ill, she returns home to care for Nicole and renew her relationship with her family. Claire also hopes to find love. The gorgeous Wyatt is exactly what Claire is looking for in a romance. Claire makes Wyatt's blood sizzle and want things that he never thought he could have. I adore Susan Mallery's heroines and heroes. They feel like old friends. Amusing, heartfelt and wildly romantic, Sweet Talk is the perfect romance. Susan Mallery always delivers exceptional romance and does so again with Sweet Talk! "

Love Talk: Speak Each Other's Language Like You Never Have Before

Love Talk

"The first thing we need to realize for genuine communication as husband and wife is that we communicate differently. Rather than just lumping all men and all women into two separate categories, the Parrotts lead each reader through a process that identifies his/her own unique communication style. Once both partners' styles have been identified, it is then that true "Love Talk" can begin.

I highly recommend this book to all couples seeking to improve the communication in their marriage. (What couple couldn't use some improvement?) Although possessing a strong Christian background, the Parrotts do not come across as "preachy," but as helpful, insightful, and even transparent as they draw from their own struggles as husband and wife."

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